Our Services

Small Animal Medicine

We are happy to serve canine and feline patients with examinations, vaccinations, chemotherapy, reproductive services, dermatology, ophthalmology, cardiology, allergy blood testing, an in-house pharmacy and much more. We also provide after-hours emergency services.

Preventative Heath

Our primary focus is keeping your pet healthy with wellness exams, vaccinations, micro-chipping, fecal exams, heartworm testing, FeLV/FIV testing, flea/tick preventatives, dental cleanings, and much more.

In House Laboratory

One of the most important tools in obtaining a diagnosis of a sick patient is the in-house blood machine. This is able to provide us with quick and accurate results. Tests include pre-surgical profiles, complete blood counts, general health profiles and electrolytes, liver profiles, etc.

Small Animal Surgery

Orthopedic and soft tissue surgeries are performed Monday through Friday upon appointment. These include elective surgeries such as spays and neuters, as well as non-elective surgeries such as exploratory laparotomy, tumor removal, biopsy, wound repair, etc.


A nutritional consultation is provided with a wellness examination. Our hospital staff recommends Royal Canin Veterinary diets to aid in treating a variety of illnesses.

Limited Boarding and Grooming

For the health of your pet and other s, we require that vaccines be up to date. These include Distemper, Parvo, Rabies, and Bordetella for dogs and FVRCP and Rabies for cats. Our staff is quite happy to provide nail trims, anal gland expressions and ear cleanings.


Ultra sonic scaling and polishing is performed by our licensed veterinary technicians with supervision by a veterinarian. General anesthesia is required for dental cleanings.


Our doctors have extensive experience with orthopedic surgery. Services include cruciate ligament repair, including the tibial tuberosity advancement technique (TTA), as well as fracture repair, luxating patella repair, spine surgeries, pain management, and much more.

Digital X-Ray

All of our hospitals are capable of digital radiology. Digital radiographs are the highest quality images with the fastest results. They are a valuable tool in diagnosing many different diseases. With a digital machine we can obtain chest and abdomen radiographs, orthopedic radiographs, myelograms, cystograms, barium studies, etc.

No Large Animal Services

Our staff is happy to provide high quality services to small animals and “pocket” pets. We offer no large animal services.

Diagnostic Services

Our staff routinely uses the most advanced diagnostic testing to aid in helping your pet maintain the highest quality of life. Our services include an in-house laboratory capable of obtaining a complete blood count, general health profile and electrolytes, as well as heartworm tests, FeLV/FIV tests, fecal exams and digital radiographs. Some tests, not able to be performed in-house, are sent to a variety of diagnostic laboratories to obtain these results, such as allergy blood testing, cytology, histopathology, etc.

Limited Exotic Medicine/Husbandry

Limited to “pocket” pets, we offer diet advice, husbandry, medicine and surgery.